Thanks for considering becoming a Foster Parent!  Just in Fresno County, 100 children per month come into the foster care system, so the need for caring, loving homes has never been greater. 
Therapeutic Foster Care
Children who have been abused and neglected require special care.  Therapeutic Foster Care provides a specialized approach to giving them the
help they need.
Our foster parents become skilled at creating therapeutic (healing) dynamics within their homes that allow the children to overcome their problems.  We teach you to use some of the same tools therapists use in their work with these children.
Spectrum Children's Services
We have been working with abused children and helping people become therapeutic foster parents since 1999.  Our program is designed to help children recover from
                                             their emotional problems, to learn the social skills they need to
                                             form healthy relationships and to gain independent living skills
                                             that prepare them for life. 
                                              Spectrum utilizes licensed and license-eligible therapists to
                                              work with the children and provide the in-home services.  That
                                             clinician is readily available for crisis and ongoing information sharing, and also coordinates services with schools, medical providers, outside therapists, or other service providers.
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Becoming a Foster Parent
To get started, we meet with you individually and answer all your questions about caring for foster children and what it takes to qualify to be a foster parent.
Then we'll help you step-by-step through the certification process, and your 12 hours of training that will make you eligible to have children placed in your home.  You will probably find that the process is simpler than you think!
When you are ready, we will match children to your preferences for age, gender, ethnic background, and length of commitment.  You will never be asked to accept a child that
does not match your preferences. 
Experienced Foster Parents
If you have already been a foster parent, you may have thought that you could be even better and do more for the kids if you had the right kind of support.   And you are probably right!
At Spectrum, the clinicians you work with have expertise in assessing and treating abused children, and the trauma-sensitive model we use is designed to increase your understanding of the emotional issues and behavior of abused children.  You will find that you are better able to help the child change and grow, and, working with the clinician, you will find few problems that cannot be solved.
You will ALWAYS be able to reach your worker.  We assure quick access to the child's clinician by telephone or in-person.
Spectrum Children's Services
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You will enjoy the feeling of being better supported, better
prepared and better able to work with these needy children.