About Us
Spectrum Children's Services is a nonprofit organization providing
professional, therapeutic foster care through our licensed foster family
agency based in Fresno California. 

We strongly believe that our model - integrating therapy with the home
environment - is the most effective way of helping foster children heal from
the emotional damage they've suffered as a result of their abuse histories. 

Our nonprofit was incorporated in 1997, and our foster family agency was
licensed in 1999.  Our purpose was to address what we saw as the main
challenges of foster care:
     - That the children are moved too often
     - They aren't ready for life on their own when they turn eighteen
     - They have emotional and behavioral problems that they don't get help with

As therapists, we realized that it is the third problem, above, that often leads to the first two.  Although there is a slowly growing recognition of the value of a trauma-sensitive approach to helping these children, foster systems typically place them in homes without first assessing the emotional damage and behavioral problems they have as a result of the abuse they’ve suffered. 

These unrecognized and untreated issues sooner or later result in problems that their foster parents are unable to handle, and which may lead them to ask to have the child moved.  For too many foster children, this pattern repeats until their needs are recognized and they receive the right kind of help, or until they give up and run away.

Our therapeutic foster care program offers an innovative solution to the problem.  A skilled therapist can start working with the child from day one, help the foster parents better understand the child, and help them create the kind of relationship and dynamics in the home that will promote the child's recovery process.  This parent-clinician team, and integrating a therapeutic, trauma-sensitive context into the child's home form the basis of our approach.  
Beyond Common-Sense Parenting
Many of the children you will see in foster care will respond well to normal, common-sense parenting.  Just by being in your home and experiencing your care, consistency and nurturing, the child will start to feel secure and adjust to you and your family.  They will soon fit in, start doing better in school, and will seem like part of the family in no time.

Other children will not be so lucky.  Because of their abuse histories, they will respond in unexpected ways to your parenting.  The normal, common-sense things you do may actually make things worse! It is for these children that we offer you the extra level of therapeutic support and expertise.
About Us -  By Joy L., Age 10
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