A small agency
Personal attention
24-Hour staff support
Complete training program
Substantial financial assistance
The most dedicated & helpful staff
Simple application and certification process
Your choice of child's age, gender, and ethnic background
Your choice of short-term or long-term placement
We offer:
The Certification Process
1. Please call to set up an initial individual orientation appointment.  We would like to hear about your hopes and aspirations for foster parenting!  We will answer all of your questions about foster care, our agency and program, and go through the application packet with you.
4. Begin to complete the application forms, and turn them in as you attend your  pre-certification classes.
5. Submit copies of your driver's license, car insurance, and a DMV report.. 
3. Submit your fingerprints for a Livescan.  There is a Livescan location 1 block from our office.
Married couples or single parents
Who can be a foster parent?
Lots of folks!
Must be at least 21
With or without children
With or without previous foster parenting experience
Retired folks, "empty-nesters," or parents with older children
Caring grandparents who already take care of their grandchildren
2. Start scheduling your pre-certification training classes.  These
will be at times convenient to you, and may be individual or group classes.  They will give you 12 hours of training.
7.  Review the checklist you received which covers the health and safety standards for your home.  When you are ready, schedule a time for our staff to do your home check.
8.  Usually, within 2-3 weeks, your fingerprint clearance will be back, you will have completed your training, submitted all the required information, and have passed your home check.  This will complete your certification process and you will be ready to accept your first foster children!
6. Have your doctor fill out the Health Screen form.  This does not require a physical, it is just your doctor's statement of your general health relative to your ability to perform your role as a foster parent.  You will need a TB test if you have not had one within a year.
Call us to see How good you can be!
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